Large direct delivery fleet.

The surest way to take care of a consignment is to deliver it directly from the source warehouse on one's own vehicle. With a 35 vehicle shared user fleet based at Reading and additional vehicles for specific contracts, QTR are able to achieve this for a very high proportion of deliveries.

The best system for distant and next day small pallet deliveries.

For any company to meet all urgent delivery requirements for distant destinations necessitates some trunking. For trouble free next day pallet delivery.

Our transport operation uses an advanced system to proactively plan and monitor each consignment moved. Tracking the progress of each delivery is enabled not only by good systems; but also by in cab phones, satellite tracking and the pro-active care of our traffic team. This ensures prompt action whenever an obstacle is encountered.

Trucks and freight are kept on the move through 24-hour weekday operation and our own commercial garage. Good presentation is assured by well turned out trucks in distinctive livery. Uniforms are provided for drivers.

Management and team performance is perhaps as critical in distribution as it is in a team sport. Some people contract distribution on price alone - without being shown the capabilities of the team whose performance their reputation will depend upon. They may not see what league the team is in - or to what rules it is playing. QTR welcome visits from prospective customers to see what we achieve for our current clients and how we do it.

For more information about the service we can provide for your Company and /or to arrange to see our operation in action and meet key personnel, please contact us on 01189185900 or email

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