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We are experts in warehousing and distribution - with over 30 years' experience.

Good overall warehousing and distribution solutions are assured by Downton Thatcham's concentrated specialisation in these activities. This is complemented by exceptional resource availability and by the flexibility provided by 'hands on' top management.

Palletised Distribution

Downton Thatcham (previously QTR) is a proud member of the award-winning Palletforce network!

Palletforce is an award-winning express palletised distribution network that is changing the way businesses transport goods – whether large or small consignments. 

Being part of a pallet network is a fast, environmentally-friendly and reliable way of delivering freight in large or small quantities.

It’s all thanks to a smart new way of working that brings you cost-effective, reliable services across the UK, Ireland, Europe and now Asia.

Send a pallet

This centralised distribution and transport service allows you to get your goods to their destination efficiently and cost-effectively, thanks to a comprehensive network of over 100 strategically located depots around the country, all of which deliver to a central hub and collect consignments for delivery in their own areas.
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Warehousing and Storage

Here at Downton Thatcham, we link and integrate our computerised operations with customer systems to whatever extent is required.

Warehousing represents a significant part of our business, providing high quality storage solutions for goods as varied as toiletries and computer peripherals.

Downton Thatcham operates over 50,000 square feet of secure warehousing space on site, comprising of high bay facilities with in excess of 5,000 racked spaces serviced by specialist forklift equipment, together with bulk storage areas.

Distribution Services

The best system for distant and next day small pallet deliveries.

The surest way to take care of a consignment is to deliver it directly from the source warehouse on one's own vehicle. With a 35 vehicle, shared user fleet based at Reading and additional vehicles for specific contracts, Downton Thatcham are able to achieve this for a very high proportion of deliveries.

Our transport operation uses an advanced system to proactively plan and monitor each consignment moved. Tracking the progress of each delivery is enabled not only by good systems; but also by in cab phones, satellite tracking and the pro-active care of our traffic team. This ensures prompt action whenever an obstacle is encountered.